About Us

Does this really happen? Do singers really get “discovered” at karaoke bars? Well, for Sometimes Julie, this is exactly what transpired.

Sometimes Julie was formed in 2012 when its founders and principal songwriters, Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker, met in a in a dive karaoke bar in San Diego. Monica was up on stage belting out songs by Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge and Alanis Morissette while Rick looked on. When they had the opportunity to meet each other between songs, Rick learned that Monica was a poet looking for a new outlet for her words, while Monica found out that Rick had 20+ years’ worth of musical compositions in his head that needed lyrics. 

The duo's first collaboration gave birth to their award-winning debut CD, HEAD FIRST, the title track of which generated substantial buzz, getting spins on both terrestrial and internet radio, and won an Akademia Music Award for best Americana music video. 

Sometimes Julie’s second release, the EP entitled BRIGHT SIDE OF THE LINE, marked the duo’s evolution to a harder rocking sound and contains some of Monica’s most introspective lyrics, exploring themes of love and loss. It is a great listen.

Their latest effort, BREAKING, is due for release in June 2018 and represents another step in the band’s evolution. It rocks!!!

Joined by Bruce Paul Allen (bass), Alberto Moreno (lead guitar), Anthony Sarain (keyboard, sax, flute), and Dave Fuller (drums), Sometimes Julie performs provocative indie rock with a strong Americana influence. Their raw, sexy, driving sound will stir up your passionate side!

Visit us at reverbnation.com/sometimesjulie, facebook.com/sometimesjulie, instagram.com/sometimesjuliesd. or youtube.com/user/sometimesjulieband.