1. Breaking

From the recording Breaking


My heart is pulling out - it all but stopped
Waiting for both your shoes to drop.
So I thought it best to leave it tucked there in the corner.
If I have any judgment I’ll hold my piece and sit a while.
Instead I say, “I’m up against a wall.”

Oh, when I’m breaking
You’re telling me how you’re right.
And when I’m hurting
You wanna say to me you don’t want to see me cry no more.
When I’m feeling so low
You’re talking about good-bye.
Oh when I’m breaking I’d better keep my eye on the door, keep my eye on the door.

You can bet that cat has had my tongue.
If I’d said a word we’d come undone.
My lips are pressed so tight I might burst.
Held my cards close to my vest but
Now they’re pounding in my chest.
Breaking down or up don’t know what’s worse.

Keeping my eye on the door...

…Already closing between us
Shutting us out, latched and locked,
You have taken the keys
Leaving ashes doubt and loss.
This time isn’t a hurt I can cure
With you brushing me off.
Hear me, I’m breaking!