From the recording Breaking


You're the thorn in my side when I'm trying
You're the burden on my mind when I'm rising
I feel you throwing your weight around
Trying to drag me down
I'm stronger than you'd ever surmise

I won't go quietly
I won't go quietly
I won’t go quiet like
I m going to make a lot of noise
I won't be quiet

Its a dirty little mess when you're speaking
It's anybody's guess where you're leading
Your cruelty is twisting me up and pushing me out
Leaving me no choice but to shout.


Resist, oppose, stand up, and demand change
Insist, expose, the last one to stand reigns,
Persist, and know together we can claim
The rights we hold, a given, preordained

Your mark, get set, get up for the show down
Your heart will lead, follow your soul now,
The lives, they hang, the balance, it matters
Take to the streets, give them a battle by storm

We won't go
We' re going to make a lot of noise!