From the recording Breaking


Did you break your heart?
Stumble in the wrong place?
Were you blinded by that pretty face?

Did you fall too hard,
For words flowing sweetly?
They fell so easily in your ears,
You heard everything you wanted to hear.

Now you're hiding from the world,
Kicking yourself,
Hoping like hell that nobody sees this,
Fighting the urge to pick up where you left off,
Hold on while you’re picking up the pieces.

You broke your promises,
You swore you wouldn’t let him in,
He’s got his talk wrapped around your mind,
You’re back again.

Did you hear your heart shatter?,
You can’t get him out of your head,
He's sleeping while you're slipping,
How'd you let him in your bed?



You’ve been tripping for way too long
Sliding down the same sad songs
It was broken before it had begun
It’s time to move on
Don’t be a fool.