1. Satisfied

From the recording Breaking


Hard awake, and
I'm pushing back.
I'm shaking it off,
After losing track.

Can't count on the weather to pacify.
Can't count on another to pass this time.
I gotta get mine.

Blind, blind, blinded by sacrifice,
Stake my name,
Go on and claim my prize.
Don't wait, don't be upstaged.
Let it out and cry,
Let myself be satisfied.
Oh, let myself satisfied

I'm gonna liven it up now,
And I’m pushing back.
I'm driving it up,
‘Cause I can hear through the static.

It all comes down to waiting,
Way too long to say,
Reach for what I crave.
I’m gonna play hard, play.


Don’t come from the man you understand,
Taking matters into my own hand,
No excuses, no more lies, no need to apologize,
Let the moment testify,
Oh, let the moment testify.


Let myself be satisfied.
Someday before I die,
Let myself be satisfied.