1. Another World

From the recording Bright Side of the Line


Just counting the minutes to the end of the day,
Till time unwinds and the grind melts away,
When I let go the weight of this world falls from my shoulders.
Just holding it together in this empty place,
Till I hit the lights and the darkness fades,
Rescued and ready for my escape.

Take me to another world,
Where no one else can find me,
Turn me on, be my guide,
I’ll leave it all behind me,
Take me, take me to another world.
Oh take me, take me to another world.

Oh what a ride, the thrill is too brief,
Coming around, still feels like a dream,
Imagination, my only plaything.
Knowing my freedom’s ready and ripe,
The taste of it’s song brings me to life,
Breathe it in, turn my eyes to the sky.


Love saves me again,
Light unfolds and bends,
Love tastes sweetest when,
I fly free again.